Junior Activities

Our Program

One key element to establishing a bright future for the National Braunvieh Association is our juniors and their involvement within the association. The juniors are the future to keep this wonderful breed of cattle moving forward. Prazak Braunvieh Farm continues to support the juniors in many ways such as the Junior National Braunvieh Show as well as the Texas State Braunvieh Show. Hunter and Shelby are National Junior Board members and support and promote the breed as well. They continue to be true advocates for the breed.

Moving forward, Prazak Braunvieh Farm would like to help support the youth and get new juniors involved with the breed. There are many ways that we are thinking about helping make this happen. Showing cattle can be financially impossible for some families to do, but we are willing to work with the juniors to help make that a reality. Please contact us and talk about options. We would love to help our youth have the ability to show and work with Braunvieh cattle.

The future of the Braunvieh Association and the cattle really depends on the juniors and the impact that they can make now for building our future. We want to support and also be creative on how we can continue promoting and building this great breed of cattle. Reach out to us here at Prazak Braunvieh Farm and let us know your thoughts, opinions and desires. We will do our best to continue building the future of the Braunvieh breed.